Ping Pong and Pool available, Quizness every Saturday at 5pm, Board Games available from the Tuck Shop, Fooseball, Darts, Board Games, A Claw machine, WWE Superstars, Double Dragon, Mortal Kombat, PacMan Track & Field.

    We’ve a brand new Board Games shop where you can get some of the classics and the cult classics. Including the likes of Cards Against Humanity, 30 Seconds, Catan and many more.

    🎲  Check out our extensive games menu below

    🎲  Ask your server for your game of choice or order & pay for your game rental via this link

    🎲 All games are €1o rental


    Our games can be played 7 days a week, its cool to bring your own games too, and we’ll swap games for drinks if you have any lying around.




    Settlers of Catan
    Ticket to Ride European
    Exploding Kittens
    Cards Against Humanity UK Edition
    Cards Against Humanity Family Edition
    Sushi Go!
    Codenames Disney Family Edition
    Boss Monster The Dungeon Building Card Game
    Story Cubes
    Exploding Kittens NSFW Edition
    Codenames Pictures
    The Resistance
    Telestrations Upside Down
    King of Tokyo
    Hogwarts Board Game
    Trivial Pursuit Family Edition
    Monopoly Classic Board Game
    Zombie Dice Game
    What Do You Meme
    Memoir 44
    Munchkin Card Game Rick and Morty
    Unlock Star Wars Escape Game
    Splendor Marvel Edition
    Fallout Board Game
    Codenames Duet
    7 Wonders Duel By Repos Production
    Dixir Game By Libellund
    Mysterium Board Game
    The Bloody Inn
    One Night Ultimate Werewolf Card Game
    Bop It
    Hungry Hungry Hippos
    30 Seconds
    Hed Banz Assortment
    Jumanji The Game
    Poker Set
    Family Fortune Platinum Edition
    Deluxe Sea Battle Game
    Never Have I Ever
    Only Fools and Horses Trading the Board Game
    Pac Man The Card Game
    Bad People Game
    Who Wants to be a Millionare Board Game
    Logo Board Game Second Edition
    Friends The One with the Apartment Bet
    5 Second Rule
    Trivia Stakes
    Monopoly Deal
    Pictionary Card Game
    Monopoly Bid
    Ravensburger Scotland Yard
    Dungeons and Dragons Adventures Begins
    The Werewolves of Millers Hollow
    Unstable Unicorns
    A Game of Thrones: Hand of The King Card Game
    The Umbrella Academy Card Game
    A Game of Thrones the Board Game
    Dragon Rush Board Game
    Unlockl 8! Mythic Adventures Board Game
    Mysterium Park Board Game
    My First Carcassonne Board Game
    The Smog Riders Showdown
    Splendor Card Game
    Munchkin Card Game by Steve Jackson
    Dragon Rush Card Game
    Monopoly Lord Of The Rings
    Monopoly Mandalorion Edition
    Monopoly Jurrasic Park Edition
    Jaipur 2nd Edition
    Terraforming Mars
    Betrayal at The House on the Hill
    Point Salad Card Game
    Tacocat Spelt Backwards
    Boss Monster 2: The Next Level
    Never Bring a Knife
    D and D The Great Dalmuti
    Cheating Moth
    Cthulu: Gloom
    Sonic The Card Game

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