A new project we’re working on; our Bodytonic team is collaborating with local organisations and helpers in the area too.

    About The Project :

    Our goal is to start growing our own fruit, herbs, flowers and veg and we hope that in 2 years we’ll be able to set up our own food & drinks unit in Eatyard, selling only the good ol produce we have harvested ourselves

    Using principles from permaculture and zero waste, we’ll harvest and reuse compost & water. We aim to reduce our waste immensely and grow hops for brewing, and even reuse materials for building stuff. The main goal though is to establish our own food unit (as mentioned above) and sell all the goods that we’ve made ourselves. Hopefully we can get the local community involved too! We plan to run monthly events in our spaces and bring in our favourite gardeners, farmers and collectives to share some advice and spread inspiration amongst the communities. If you would like to get involved, get in touch with us below

    While we’ve dabbled in this area for almost 4-5 years now, it’s only recent that we started to take it more seriously. But hey, we’re still only practicing and learning loads along the way. We’ll be sure to keep you updated on the progress

    If you have any q’s, or would like to get involved in the project, get in touch with us below;

    (01) 5355941 | info@onthebackpage.com

    We partner and run various initiatives in our local community. If you are running a charity event in our area, and would like us to donate tickets, or food/drinks vouchers, or use our venue to hold a meeting or a fundraising event please get in touch. We might not be able to honour every request, and its important that it be local to us , but other than that, thats it . Please email us at info@bodytonicmusic.com for all requests.

    Phibsboro Village Tidy Towns

    Phibsboro Village Tidy Towns is a great community driven organisation. Throughout the year we have enjoyed helping out by teaming up with them on community clean ups, providing a space & refreshments towards various events in the past & this year sponsoring lamp post flower baskets for the local phibsboro streets.

    Bohemian F.C

    As ‘the oldest Football club in Ireland’ & Dalymount Park only around the corner from us, we have happily sponsored Bohs FC over the last four years. With local fan support as mighty as can be, match days are never to be missed! You can catch the team  & crew from time to time at The Back Page having some scrumptious food & refreshments

    Bring The Toys – Temple Street

    One of our favourite annual events has to be Bring The Toys in aid of Temple Street Children’s Hospital. Every year, our community & customers have generously donated hundreds of toys. We hold our ‘Bring The Toys’ drive the same night as The Late Late Toy Show ( in late November) and have a drop off point right up until Christmas week.


    What’s Greentonic you ask? It’s an extension of Bodytonic which focuses on all aspects of being green/reducing waste/energy efficient/environmentally friendly. We want to reduce our waste, remove single use plastic, be environmentally friendly and overall try to make the world (or our gaff for now) a better place. We got rid of plastic straws and single use plastic cups. We’ve got reusable plastic cups and metal straws for our events, which not only look the business but reduce our plastic waste. We’ve also banned takeaway coffee cups in the office – Keep Cups all round’ baby. We’re also learning day by day, getting things wrong, making mistakes, and trying to make things right. If you have any ideas or see us doing silly things we can easily improve on, please let us know, we’re open to learning and doing as much as we can – info@bodytonicmusic.com


    Eco-brick building, a recent initiative at The Back Page and across all BT venues. It’s a great way to reduce plastic waste, one of our many ways to help the world be that little bit greener

    Eco-bricks are used to make modular furniture, garden spaces & full scale buildings such as schools & houses! Check out 5 steps below and be on your way to building your own eco-brick! Drop into our bar or give it a go at building your own chair or table!

    1. Save dry, clean, non-biodegradable, non-recyclable materials such as foil from tea bags, crisps and sweets, old photos, styrofoam bits, fruit & veg plastic wrappers, wax paper, cling film, plastic tags, packaging stickers & tape.
    2. Find a clean / dry 1.75ml or 2L bottle with lid.
    3. Use a stick or the skinny side of a wooden spoon to press the waste into the bottle.
    4. Fill the bottle tightly to the top with compressed matter (it should feel really robust)
    5. Put the lid back on and pat yourself on the back – you have just built an eco-brick!


    Grow Your Own –  Over the last few years we have designated GYO areas at The Back Page. Reusing coffee grinds from our cafe as a fertiliser mixed with soil, we have been able to grow plenty of flowers to help the bee’s , fresh mint that we have been able to use in our , blackberries / raspberries &  hops!

    TerraCycle – Crips Packet Scheme

    TerraCycle is a company across the world that recycle ‘non – recyclable’ goods. One thing they collect are crips packets! With the crisp packets, they separate them by plastic type and turn into plastic pellets to help build new recyclable goods. With plenty of packets of crips being consumed within the bar, it’s a small but great way to help reduce waste! Have any crisp packets you would like to add to the collection? feel free to pop into the bar & drop off 🙂

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